Who in California Supports California Independence?

For an answer to the question in the title of this article, look at the attached image. Yes, based on the available evidence, the primary group that supports California independence is this:

Image of a woman of color, age 18-24.
This image symbolically represents the demographic group that most strongly supports California independence. Read more about this in this article.
Ages: 18-24. Equal gender split.
Based on preliminary results from the Free California Republic awareness raising campaign, support for California independence is most heavily concentrated among Californians born between 1993 and 1999: The “Millennial Generation.”
This conclusion, preliminary as it is, comes from the tally of clicks on Facebook ads in the Free California Republic awareness-raising campaign. As of the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017, they are as follows.
561 persons reached 4 clicks Ages 18-24: 100%
Although only four clicks are an inadequate gauge of demographic support, this is all the information available now. More information will be released once more people click on the Facebook ads.
What does this mean?
Born during the years of Clinton prosperity, yet with a world outlook shaped by the 9/11 Attack and the events that followed, no one should be surprised that the youngest of adult Americans are the ones most willing to consider a solution to the problems of California that is as radical as independence.
Although Millennials have the least financial resources to contribute to the Free California campaign–or much of anything else–their presence bodes well for the Free California movement, for many reasons.
First, being the youngest American adults, Millennials are not going to age into irrelevance anytime soon, unlike as is occurring with American conservatives. Rather, their educational achievements, skills, and political power will steadily increase over the next four decades.
Millennials are also a numerous cohort, being largely the children of late Baby Boom parents, and thus the “Echo of the Baby Boom.” Just in California, there are approximately 3.9 million Millennials. Put another way, the number of Millennials in California is nearly as high as the 4.2 million senior citizens (age 65 and up), and the future direction of that trend is obvious.
A movement based on Millennials is also likely to be ethnically and culturally diverse, because approximately 66% of Californians between the ages of 18-24 identify themselves as non-white or multi-racial, like the model in the photo. Compare that to Californian senior citizens, of whom only 38% consider themselves non-white.
In many ways, the supporters of California independence resemble the movement for Scottish independence: Young and energetic, but culturally-diverse, who have had relatively few years to develop deep attachment to the larger national government. In the coming months and years, the young adults of California, connected by instantly-activated social networking applications, will play a surprising role in the evolution of this California Republic.
What are your observations about support for California independence? Share your opinions below.

Free California Republic brand/issue awareness campaign: An early progress report

The Free California Republic (FCR) brand(TM) and issue awareness campaign has been underway for a week, and it is already showing signs of success. As of this morning, the FCR campaign has achieved the following:
Facebook ad reach: 180
Facebook post reach: 576 (one week)
Instagram followers: 58
Twitter followers: 50
Facebook likes: 10
As explained in this article, Be the Change You Seek: Raising Awareness of the #FreeCalifornia Campaign, the goal of the Free California Republic brand and issue awareness campaign is to raise public awareness of the California independence issue by circulating a symbol that is linked to the overall independence cause, but is independent of any organization or proposal. By allowing all California independence groups to use the FCR brand symbols in their messaging, the entire movement is unified and strengthened without requiring the many disparate groups and individuals to agree on particular goals and strategies.
In addition to the use of FCR symbols by California independence groups, these symbols and messages are incorporated into clothes and other merchandise that purchasers can use to promote awareness of California independence. FCR is like the hundreds of other businesses trading on associations with“California”–from “LA Gear” to (Ohio-based) “Hollister California”–except that it is nonprofit, and all proceeds from selling FCR-brand merchandise will be used to promote awareness of the California independence issue.
FCR is currently a project of the nonprofit Ohana Justice Center Charitable Trust, but it will become an independent nonprofit corporation as soon as possible. Please message Hannah Miyamoto or the Free California Republic page on Facebook to volunteer to be part of the FCR campaign.
The “Free California Republic” concept was originated in November 2016 by Hannah Miyamoto, the manager of the FCR brand, in response to calls for establishing a “Resistance” movement against the Trump presidential administration. “Free California” was inspired by the same World War II history, where “Free France” was used to characterize those portions of French territory not under the control of Nazi Germany. In the same way, “Free California” would preserve the traditions of American freedom and democracy that the Trump/Republicanist neo-fascist regime seeks to extinguish.
The primary symbol of the FCR-brand is the “Free California Republic” flag: It is like the current state flag, except that it is labeled “FREE CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC,” the letters in “FREE” form a rainbow to symbolize our celebration of diversity, and the defiant slogan “¡Siempre Seremos Libres!” (“We shall always be Free!”) symbolizes the multiculturality that will characterize the “Free California Republic.” In pre-marketing studies, FCR found that people of color were much more attracted to the idea of California independence when Spanish-language messaging–like “¡Viva California Libre!”–are used to appeal to them, even when their native language is English.
The current line of FCR merchandise includes a t-shirt for men and women, two shirts tailored for women, a shopping bag for bringing the message of California independence to California residents. All products are produced and distributed by Zazzle.com, and most products are printed in California.